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Understanding Blended Learning



Glad to have fund and enrolled in BlendKit2016 course, and I expect to get deeper knowledge and understanding of blended learning from this course.

Reading: Understanding Blended Learning

I have read through this article, and it seems “Blended Learning” have a lot more factors to be considered and planned – in addition to the Blended Content (whether Videos or Articles) development and preparation.

Although I have assisted facilitated a few blended learning classes since last year, after reading the Chapter 1 about “Understanding Blended Learning”, I feel that I was not that understood Blended Learning enough. I previously only focus on the on-line part mostly, but hadn’t put enough thinking on design of off-line activities. The two case studies given on this article demonstrated detailed design on both sides, which is quite good for reference.

My Credlyhttps://credly.com/u/2201220

On the other hand, the badges given via Credly is quite interesting and exciting for learning designed with gamification.

A good start, hope I could follow up all the 6 weeks of courses and get the final cert.


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