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Opportunity Gained with MOOC



It’s now already 3 months since my part-timely join this recent start-up company (LIKE Education), which I officially joined on this September 1st. This company is invested by the School of Economics and Management (SEM), Tsinghua University, and I’m there responsible for course designing of SEM’s small private online courses (SPOC).

They got to know me from an offline meetup event hosted by the Online Education Club of Tsinghua University ( http://mooc.guokr.com/post/605095/ ) on May 15th 2014. I hadn’t realized I was one of the only 2 attendees who has gained MOOC certificates at that event, upon surveyed by a speaker.

Dating back, I got to know MOOC and actually Coursera from a translation to a Press Release of Coursera ( http://blog.coursera.org/post/42486198362/five-courses-receive-college-credit-recommendations ) in February 2013. And I have already finished and got certificates of 30+ MOOC courses, as of September 2014.

On my personal MOOC blog ( http://mooc.reviews/ ), I have recorded most the courses I’ve taken in the past, and some of my recent courses as well. With sometimes following more than 4 courses at the same time, I found it very useful and necessary to keep a diary (or say checklist) of all my undertaking courses, to avoid missing deadlines. There is a common saying “Science and technology are the primary productive forces” in China, while Chinese MOOCers have revised it into “Deadline is the primary productive force” 🙂

When I was in college, actually I have already frequently audited courses offline at other universities in Beijing, before I got to know MOOC and Coursera. With Coursera, it has significantly extended my ability to audit courses, and learn from not only universities in Beijing but also worldwide.

Apart from learning, I am also passionate on teaching and volunteering. I have been an volunteer teacher for CMC (Compassion for Migrant Children) and JA (Junior Achievement) during my free time (or even count-off my annual leave days). Actually, I had also experienced start up an educational company with fellow schoolmates when I was in college. ( http://www.linkedin.com/in/bestcedric )

In conclusion, MOOC make changes happen much more faster and unexpected – for example, I could gain this offer which totally switches both my career path and position functioning.

(May revise this diary when I have time.)

Thanks for reading 😉



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