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International Organizations Management



I was planned to study this course at self-pace, before the instructors team announced there will be a SoA after completion of this course.

This course is mainly talked about UN’s structure, it’s power and principle, and also talked about Fundraising and other NGOs.

As I’m currently working in an International NGO since graduation, this course gave me a whole image of how are NGOs working, and enhanced my knowledge on this aspect.


Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction to International Organizations

By Julian Fleet

  1. Introduction and early examples
  2. Historical context of international organizations
  3. Taxonomy : Different ways to classify organizations
  4. The UN mandate, structure, and governance (part 1)
  5. The UN mandate, structure and governance (part 2)

Week 2: The Shifting Context for International Organizations

By Stephan Mergenthaler and Sebastian Buckup

  1. Introduction
  2. From one to many : the rise of emerging economies
  3. From states to networks : the rise of non-state actors
  4. From system to society : the rise of transnational policy challenges
  5. Epilogue

Week 3: Public Private Partnerships

By Gilbert Probst and Lea Stadtler

  1. Introduction
  2. Why and how do international organizations collaborate with business, government, and civil society?
  3. Working across sectoral boundaries: challenges and opportunities
  4. Managing PPPs – designing, implementing, and reviewing
  5. Managing PPPs – implications for international organizations

Week 4: Leadership in the UN System

By Bruce Jenks

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating public value
  3. Origins of the concept of an international civil service
  4. Origins and evolution of the UN development system
  5. Conclusion

Week 5: Marketing and Fundraising

By Claudia Gonzalez

  1. Introduction
  2. Building a marketing plan
  3. Managing your brand
  4. Media and communications
  5. Fundraising

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