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Blended Learning Interactions



Reading: Blended Interactions

BlendKit Course: BlendKit Reader: Chapter 2

This chapter of reading explains both Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivations in blended learning. And here’s a lot to be considered when designing a blended course.

In the “Minimal or Guided Learning” section, the author compares the degree of minimal or guided learning with game design, and the citation worth reading:

In game design there is a constant tension between what is enough scaffolding to get players motivated and able to pursue the mystery and how much can be left open-ended for players to learn on their own. Too much scaffolding can easily feel “school-like” and procedural, taking away from players’ initiative to tinker around to discover things on their own. Too little scaffolding may leave players lost and disengaged.” (p.53) — Asbell-Clark et al. (2012)

The “4 Roles” of Educators in a Networked World is also worth keeping in mind.I think I saw the word “curator” so many times recently, used by both adverts of Coursera and FutureLearn.

A curator is an expert learner. Instead of dispensing knowledge, he creates spaces in which knowledge can be created, explored, and connected. While curators understand their field very well, they don’t adhere to traditional in-class teacher-centric power structures. A curator balances the freedom of individual learners with the thoughtful interpretation of the subject being explored. While learners are free to explore, they encounter displays, concepts, and artifacts representative of the discipline. Their freedom to explore is unbounded. But when they engage with subject matter, the key concepts of a discipline are transparently reflected through the curatorial actions of the teacher.

This week is still a bit theoretical, looking forward to the remaining weeks of the BlendKit2016 course to explore assessment methodology and assignment designing of blended learning courses.

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