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Reading: Blended Content and Assignments

BlendKit Course: BlendKit Reader: Chapter 4

This is week-4 reading of #BlendKit2016 course, a bit shorter one comparing to the previous three chapters.

One of the questions to ponder is really worth to be considered, when designing a blended learning course:

How can you ensure that students experience your course as one consistent whole rather than as two loosely connected learning environments?

Besides, Table-2 in this chapter is very useful and handful for instructors to decide which Technique to be used for different type of learning activities. For example, you may consider to ask students to play a certain game to apply the knowledge/strategy/skills learned into practice.

Below two webpages contain useful links to Open Ed Resources, which may be used as material for blended learning:

Heading to the last chapter next week~ 🙂

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