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Blended Assessments of Learning



Reading: Blended Assessments of Learning

BlendKit Course: BlendKit Reader: Chapter 3

Understanding the assessment methods and types of blended learning is very important in designing a blended course. I assisted run Business 101 MOOC last semester, how to assess students’ understanding of the course (i.e. how to design he assignments) is one of the top key questions we were thinking and discussing through.

Faculty who evaluate their students’ performances by using a mixture of tests – some online, some offline – have experienced more fruitful outcomes. …… Presenting video explanations or examples online, where students can view a snippet of the content repeatedly gives enough exposure to solidify an idea or concept.

This chapter of reading explains assessment by two categories – formal vs informal. While reading this chapter, I was thinking that there should be some more informal assessment we could try to adopt into our Business 101 MOOC course in the next run of it – e.g. Student-generated test questions, pre-designed surveys etc.

Walker et al. (2014) studied the comparative effect of non-credit, online practice exams on students’ performance on in-class graded exams. This rigorous study found that “students who took these practice exams achieved significantly higher scores on the corresponding for-credit exams….”

Riley et al. (2014) found that online self-assessment quizzes as part of online modules in a blended writing course were “crucial for the students’ subsequent execution of the class’ main essay assignments”.

For the formal assessment, this chapter mentioned UbD – Understanding by Design – which our Education Product Director once shared in our internal DIY lunch meeting. There are actually a few more interesting PDFs regarding UbD can be searched with google, which are worth reading as well.

Can’t wait reading the next chapter regarding Blended Content and Assignments development. 🙂

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